What does Concordia mean?

It is summed up in our phrase: “Of One Heart & Mind in Christ” ​(Phil 2:2, 4:7). Concordia also refers to the Book of Concord (1580) which is a compilation of the Lutheran confessions saying what we believe in the Christian faith. The core of Lutheran biblical teaching can be summed up: We are Christ followers by faith alone in Christ alone by grace alone through Scripture alone for the glory of God alone.


RSS Sermons

  • WOW of Worship
    The very nature of God is wonderment. Christ came to open our eyes to the incredible splendor of life and God. Rather than taking God and his works for granted, we are invited behold and be amazed.
  • Moving Past Luxury
  • No Longer Tainted
    For many people, Jesus has made a big difference in their lives. By connecting with Jesus they found healing and wholeness. Why does Jesus make a difference in your life?
  • Assurance of Hope
    We can put our aspirations in a lot of things. We often are disappointed. No matter how lost in darkness one feels, hope and light are available to anyone who believes in Jesus Christ. The Hope that does not disappoint is in the person of Jesus Christ.
  • Forgiving Hope

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